What to Expect

When to come

Arrive 10-15 mins early

Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes before your scheduled class begins so you have time to get ready and put your things away.

Free Trials

Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes before your for your Free Trial. Please come directly to the front desk and notify the staff that you are there for the trial class. There is no need to wait in the line outside.

What to wear

Wear exercise clothes that you can easily move around in, and which won’t get too weighed down by perspiration. For Strength and Conditioning classes please be sure to wear supportive and comfortable running shoes. For boxing indoor shoes only are permitted. For Kickboxing and Jiujitsu classes shoes are not permitted on the mats.

What you need


For all classes please bring a bottle of water to rehydrate you during your class.

Boxing & Kickboxing Classes

Protective hand wraps and boxing gloves are required. You are welcome to purchase your own, or purchase them at the gym or on our online store: shop.diazcombatsports.com.

We will gladly loan you a pair of gloves to use for your free trial session however please note that your own equipment is required after one month of training.

Conditioning Classes

Wear breathable exercise clothes that allow you to move, stretch, and contort your body into numerous positions.

Jiujitsu Classes

For gi classes a gi is recommended but not mandatory. It is recommended to wear a rash guard and shorts for Jiujitsu classes but it is not mandatory. Comfortable clothing which allows one to perform the moves is suggested.

*Please note – there are NO SHOES permitted on the mats.

Which class should I join?

Beginners Classes

For those that have completed a minimum of 10 kickboxing classes and have a basic grasp and understanding of the fundamentals of kickboxing and also have knowledge of holding pads we suggest jumping into our beginners class. 

Introductory Classes

Intro classes are recommended for those that have done less than 10 sessions of kickboxing. They are also recommended for those that have done it before but wish to learn proper technique. For first timers/free trials please join the introductory class as you will learn the correct way of performing the techniques. Intro classes always incorporate a cardio/conditioning aspect for those looking to get a workout.

Intermediate Classes

If you have done between a 1 to 2 years of previous training and have a very sound knowledge of kickboxing/boxing this class is for you.

Advanced Classes

If you have 2+ years of boxing/kickboxing experience, have sparring experience, and have competed this is the suggested class for you.

Where do I change and put my belongings?


There are men’s and women’s changerooms located on the bottom floor of our facility. There are also gender inclusive changerooms /bathrooms located on the main floor and top floor of our facility. 


You are welcome to store your belongings in one of the lockers* located in the changerooms on the bottom floor. 

*Please note you need your own lock to secure your belongings. 

You are also welcome to leave your belongings in one of the cubbies* located in the area where your class is being held.

*Please note that DCS is not responsible for any lost or stolen belongings.

Where is my class located?

Introductory Kickboxing Classes

In general most Introductory Kickboxing classes are held in the VIP Room.

Kickboxing Classes

In general most Introductory The majority of our Kickboxing classes are held on the main floor at Gym 2.

Boxing Classes

Boxing Classes are generally held on the second floor of our facility at Gym 3a.

Jiujitsu Classes

Jiujitsu classes are held on the second floor mats at Gym 3b.

Conditioning Classes

All conditioning classes are held on the bottom floor at Gym 1.

* Please note as classes can be held in various locations please confirm with a staff member where your class is being held. 

What to expect

Kickboxing & Boxing

Kickboxing and Boxing classes are generally divided into three parts. Warmup, technique/drilling/pad work and then conditioning.


Jiujitsu classes from beginner to advanced begin with some form grappling drill as a warm-up. The class then moves into technique/drilling and finishing with live rolling.


Conditioning classes are broken up throughout the week as follows:

Monday – Strength/power
Tuesday – Kettlebells
Wednesday – Challenge workouts (a set goal to achieve)
Thursday – Team challenge workouts or heavy cardio
Friday – Strength through speed work/agility
Saturday – Heavy cardio

Conditioning classes generally start with a warmup/stretch then into the appropriate workout for the day. 


At DCS, you are never forced to do anything you cannot do because of an injury, or choose not to do. 

Please feel free to ask an instructor to give you an alternative exercise or drill if there anything you choose or cannot participate in.


We do try to incorporate stretching into sessions however due to member consensus class times are focused on technique and conditioning. We suggest everyone stretch on their own prior to and after their sessions.

Difficulty Level

Classes range from medium-hard difficulty both physically and mentally. The level of difficulty will also depend on an individual’s effort level. If one is to give 100% in all doing the drills and exercises it will be deemed a difficult class. If one give less than 50% effort a class can be deemed fairly easy.

Most Important

Have FUN!

If you have any questions, concerns or preferences please let our staff know and we will gladly try to accommodate you in the best way possible.