DCS Re-Opening Covid-19 Precautionary Guidelines

Diaz Combat Sports

DCS Members Covid-19 Policies: 


  1. Instructors will be wearing masks for every session. 
  2. Due to our precautionary measures, if you feel ANY symptoms of illness please refrain from coming to the gym.
  3. There will be no lending of gear. Please be sure to bring all your own gear for each session.
  4. Thermometers will be on hand at the gym. Staff will be checked daily and anyone with a temperature of over 99 degrees fahrenheit / 37 degrees celcius will be sent home. Members may be checked and be asked to leave if temperatures are high.
  5. Please be aware of the designated entrance and exit doors, and use them appropriately.
  6. Please stay at least two meters from our staff and any other client. You will be designated a training area with your coach, and we ask that you please refrain from leaving this area unless necessary.
  7. Only ONE person will be permitted in the washroom at a time. Showers will not be available for use. Please be sure to wash and sanitize your hands & feet frequently. 
  8. Extra hand sanitizing stations are placed throughout the gym for everyone to use. Individuals are encouraged to bring their own towels, hand sanitizers and water. 
  9. There will be no back to back sessions. We will have a 15 minute gap between sessions and ask individuals to leave promptly after their session and we ask individuals to come only 5-10 minutes prior to their sessions and nothing more. This is to ensure that there will be less contact between individuals. 


In addition to all that you are doing to help us, the DCS staff is doing the following to make sure we ALL stay safe and healthy:


  1. All pads, mats, and any other gear you come into contact with will be thoroughly sanitized between every session.
  2. Washrooms, door handles, and all other high-contact areas will be cleaned and sanitized at regular intervals. 
  3. All showers will be closed.